Tricopter Firmware update Naze32 from Cleanflight V1.xx.xx to V2.0.xx

Hello, anyone who has ever tried to make this update will have quickly noticed that it is not so easy with tricopters is because of the control of the servo which must be changed accordingly .

How it works:

  • Disconnect servo
  • Update
  • In the configuration of quadcopter put on tricopter
  • Open CLI, now comes the sticking point, the engine mapping must be changed, enter the following in the CLI:

    Resource servo 1 a08

    Resource servo 2 a11

    Resource engine 1 b06

    Resource engine 2 b07

    Resource engine 3 b08

    Then save with Save.

    That's it already, now plug the servo back in the usual place : thumbup: ...

    The pin assignment of the Naze should look like this:

    IMPORTANT! An update to V2.1.0 was not possible for me, the FC crashed after installing the CLI backup from * thumbmed *, I have now installed V2.0.5.