40W Copter Lights

Hello, first I want to say that this is not all grown on my crap, here it goes to the corresponding thread in the forum >> 20W Strobo Blitzer

I built my version like this:

Here the Parts there you need:

4 x 10 watts LED's

UBEC 12V 5A required for operation on a 6S battery

RC high current switch to switch on and off.

4 heatsink, I just sawn apart an age old graphics card heatsink.

Das wichtigste, der "TWO-Channel Hi-Power LED Flasher (Bestellt bei Conrad )

The assembling:

1. Glue the LED's to the heatsink using thermal adhesive and let it harden naturally.

2. Wiring (sorry, I'm not an electronics technician, I hope you can interpret this but as shown) I have soldered to the power supply so I have the power connection to the power module, so this is included in the consumption:

3. I attached the LED's by pulling a cable tie through the topmost fin on the heat sink, to the arms of my Tarot 680 Pro copter

4. Enjoy the video, then it looks like, the flash module has 7 different modes and the speed of the sequences can be controlled: